Apple PC  is a place where people with Intelligence, ideas and an eagerness to see them in action, come together to create business and personal success. Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave.We act with urgency to focus on needs of customers. Our main motive is to satisfy or fulfil the need of customers. Hard work is our main believe and every associate is a valued member of the organisation. We treat each other with equality and respect. Our bottom line is that we are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such at all times.We believe in smart work. At Apple PC, we are our first customers to each other.

Apple PC  was established with a vision to serve the consumers with latest technologies. since then, it is gone on to become one of the largest partner for major IT solution provider all over India.,as an IT solution provider for computers and peripherals and he quickly Started working on Business Unit Format which got transformed into two separate Business Units, Infrastructure Solutions & Infrastructure Managed Services.


Our main motive is to provide most efficient,effective and affordable solutions to all our customers. We provide our services regarding your needs. our areas of expertise include IT Rental, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Systems and Network Installation, Software Support, Security Solution etc. We have Dedicated and experience Professionals.They provide effective and efficient solutions to whatever problems may occur.

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